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Press Release 02

Arc Fusion launches new website featuring talks by extraordinary people; original content; surveys; videos; and news that address critical themes and issues for health, IT and life sciences

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2016: Arc Fusion is pleased to announce the launch of its new website (www.arcfusion.org) built around themes and content generated from live events that address critical issues in the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine – and how this will impact society and the future.

Arc Fusion set out to reimagine how we discuss big ideas and challenges. Rather than focus solely on producing meetings, content or research, the Arc Fusion model is about generating provocative, actionable insights and concepts involving big thinkers and doers, to get at how fusion can solve urgent problems, involving a community of key innovators.

The new website highlights Arc Fusion’s mission to CONVENE key leaders in unique gatherings around critical “fusion” issues; INFORM by capturing and sharing conversations and ideas generated at our gatherings; and BUILD solutions and tangible projects to effect change.

Arc Fusion’s events convene 70-100 participants to discuss fusion themes. Each gathering generates a dedicated page on the website with comments, videos, podcasts, and insights designed to help foster new ecosystems and communities around the idea of fusion.

Past Arc Fusion themes and locations have included:

MONEY: Are we insane? The cost of healthcare and how to pay for the future | Boston: October 22, 2015
THE FUTURE: of humans and technology | San Francisco: April 21, 2015
BIG DATA: Biobabel: Too much data, too little understanding? | Boston: October 7, 2014
INNOVATION: Should we build a better human? | San Francisco: May 1, 2014
LONGEVITY: The science of radical life extension and what happens if it succeeds? | London: December 3, 2014
FUSION 101: How to smash silos and truly integrate health, IT, and biomedicine | New York: September 18, 2014
THE BRAIN: Can neuro-games treat aging brains? | San Francisco: September 16, 2014


The site features top fusion leaders delivering Arc Fusion Talks - 5-7 minute talks that deliver punchy messages on fusion themes. (View a sampling here) Speakers include Juan Enriquez, Dean Ornish, Casey Lynch, Vinod Khosla, Dean Ornish, Jonathan Bush, Adam Gazzaley, Eric Schadt, and more.

Arc Fusion is partnering with the global design firm IDEO to develop the Arc + IDEO process. This unique collaboration combines Arc Fusion’s power to convene leaders and to generate ideas with IDEO’s unique expertise in human-centered design, and in turning ideas into tangible results. More on the Arc + IDEO partnership here.

Our community of leaders starts with a Board of Advisors that includes David Agus, Sunny Bates, Brook Byers, George Church, Juan Enriquez, Daniel Kraft, Jamie Heywood, Marc Hodosh, Lee Hood, Vinod Khosla, John Mattison, Dean Ornish, Paul Saffo, Gillian Sandler, and Sue Siegel. For more on our advisors go here.

Arc Fusion thanks our sponsors – Genentech, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Medidata, AthenaHealth, GE, Deloitte, Morrison and Foester, PatientsLikeMe, Nowlabs, Ogilvy | FKH, Trefethen Family Vineyards, and others. Media sponsors include Wired, Technology Review, Rock Health, and NOVA. Co-Organizers have included Health 2.0, Breakout Labs, The Entrepreneurship Center at UCSF, Blueprint Health, and others.

About Arc Fusion

Arc Fusion assembles key leaders to engage in dialogue and action-oriented projects around the fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine - and everything else. Arc Fusion convenes unique gatherings around the world that address critical fusion themes and challenges, captures the ideas and insights generated, and works with our partner IDEO to build tangible projects around recommendations and insights.

For more information contact

Andrea Cross, Arc Fusion, andrea@arcprograms.net or
Lisa Rivero, Feinstein Kean Healthcare, lisa.rivero@fkhealth.com

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