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Press Release 03

Arc Fusion launches Arc Fusion Magazine featuring critical themes and issues for health, IT and life sciences – Issue 01: The future of humans and technology

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2016: Arc Fusion is pleased to announce the launch of its new digital magazine designed to highlight Arc Fusion’s focus on convening, informing and building around critical issues in what we call the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine.

Each magazine issue will be devoted to an Arc Fusion theme such as Data, Money, Innovation, and Future Technologies. Issue 01 is “THE FUTURE: The future of humans and technology”, and derives its inspiration and original content from a 2015 Arc Fusion Dinner held in San Francisco on this theme.

Here are highlights of each section of the magazine:

Think: Articles, poems, fiction, and other pieces created by original thinkers pondering issues and challenges of the fusion age. Contributors include: Kevin Kelly, Tamsin Smith (Arc Fusion’s poet laureate), George Church (Arc Fusion Q&A), David Ewing Duncan, and more.

Go to the Think Page.

Read: Articles and information packets derived from Arc Fusion Talks delivered at the 2015 dinner in San Francisco. Contributors include Drew Endy talking about synthetic biology; Casey Lynch discussing the possibility that Alzheimer’s is caused by bacteria; and James Canton talking about forecasting the future – plus Arts and Science talks by Rodrigo Martinez, describing life in 2079, and Una Ryan discussing her art that merges microscopic images inside the body with satellite images from outer space.

Go to the Read Page.

Watch: Arc Fusion has developed signature videos around our Arc Fusion Talks. These 5-minute offerings include the actual talks by Drew Endy, Casey Lynch, James Canton, Rodrigo Martinez, and Una Ryan – plus a remarkable conversation between Vinod Khosla and Dean Ornish on the future of humans and technology.

Go to the Watch Page.

Listen: Audio offering with thoughts on the future from the likes of Reese Jones and Kevin Kelly – plus a talk by Tim Chang on “Building the Tech-Enabled Soul”; and also segments from a Tech Nation broadcast on Public Radio with Host Moira Gunn and David Ewing Duncan – a regular feature on the show called Bio-Issue of the Week – subjects include “Hacking Your DNA”; “Can we decode our minds?”; “CRISPR-cas9 may one day allow gene editing on demand”; and more.

Go to the Listen Page.

Respond: Arc Fusion asks guests to complete a survey on our topic as “homework” before the event. Questions for this issue include:
- “What will be more important over the next 100 years, technology or politics?”
- “100 years from now, will humans be in their present form?”
- “What is your greatest hope – and greatest fear – for the next 100 years?”
- More

We invite readers to take the survey and provide real-time tabulations of the latest voting. (Take the poll yourself here)

Go to the Respond Page.

Reports: While there is no Reports page in Issue 01, in subsequent issues the Arc + IDEO insights, recommendations and frameworks on future topics will be housed here.

About Arc Fusion

Arc Fusion assembles key leaders to engage in dialogue and action-oriented projects around the fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine - and everything else. Arc Fusion convenes unique gatherings around the world that address critical fusion themes and challenges, captures the ideas and insights generated, and works with our partner IDEO to build tangible projects around recommendations and insights.

For more information contact

Andrea Cross, Arc Fusion, andrea@arcprograms.net or
Lisa Rivero, Feinstein Kean Healthcare, lisa.rivero@fkhealth.com

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