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Press Release 04

Arc Fusion and IDEO partner to address critical issues in the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine

SAN FRANCISCO, May 17, 2016: Arc Fusion and IDEO are partnering to reimagine how we discuss, ideate and advance the fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine -- to the benefit of society and the innovative organizations and entrepreneurs who bring fusion to life.

This comes as one of the great megatrends in history emerges to reshape how we live – the convergence, or “fusion,” of biomedicine with information technologies and big data. Arc + IDEO is setting out to help shape this nascent Age of Fusion.

Working together Arc + IDEO combines Arc Fusion's power by combining Arc Fusion’s power to convene leaders and to generate ideas with IDEO’s unique expertise in human-centered design and converting provocative ideas into tangible results.

“Arc Fusion is excited to be working with IDEO’s health practice to develop ideas generated in Arc Fusion gatherings and discussions into actual projects, initiatives, proposals, companies, and products,” said Arc Fusion CEO David Ewing Duncan.

“We believe in the power of creative collaborations. This partnership with Arc Fusion and the Arc community is a much-needed platform to fuse health, IT, and biomedicine with human-centered design - a critical challenge in the 21st century,” said Grace Hwang, Executive Director of IDEO Design for Health.

Arc + IDEO's joint approach focuses on four broad steps:

Arc + IDEO develops themes and questions around key challenges and big questions in the fusion space – or smaller, strategic or tactical questions.

Arc + IDEO gathers experts and fusion leaders who can make a difference to discuss critical themes and challenges, and to imagine solutions.

Arc + IDEO captures conversations and ideas, gathers feedback, and communicates key findings. Arc Fusion captures this in an issue of the Arc Fusion Magazine. A cross-disciplinary team from Arc and IDEO then synthesizes the discussion into opportunities and ideas that offer potential for impact.

Arc + IDEO creates a framework for action with insights and recommendations for tangible projects - policy initiatives, systems, products, companies, and more. Arc + IDEO work directly with clients and members of the fusion community to prototype and activate recommendations from a framework into implementable solutions.

Arc + IDEO projects fall into two categories:

Societal Projects
Arc + IDEO addresses big ecosystem, infrastructure and societal issues arising out of the fusion of health, IT and biomedicine. Key leaders come together over a “public” dinner and discussion. The output of this collaboration is a framework for exploration that details insights and recommendations based on a synthesis of the conversation.

Custom Projects
Arc + IDEO addresses specific tactical and strategic questions around systems, products, investments, marketing and policies for businesses, organizations, government, and the venture community. Arc + IDEO holds small dinners and expert sessions to discuss questions and develop solutions that can then be explored and developed alongside IDEO. Ask us how to organize an Arc + IDEO effort for your company or organization.

More information is here.

About Arc

Arc Fusion assembles key leaders to engage in dialogue and action-oriented projects around the fusion of health, IT, and biomedicine - and everything else. Arc Fusion convenes unique gatherings around the world that address critical fusion themes and challenges, captures the ideas and insights generated, and works with our partner IDEO to build tangible projects around recommendations and insights.

About IDEO

IDEO (pronounced “eye-dee-oh”) is an award-winning global design firm that takes a human-centered, design-based approach to helping organizations in the public and private sectors innovate and grow. We identify new ways to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires. We envision new companies and brands, and we design the products, services, spaces, and interactive experiences that bring them to life. We help organizations build creative culture and the internal systems required to sustain innovation and launch new venture.

For more information contact

Andrea Cross, Arc Fusion, andrea@arcprograms.net or
IDEO contact: Nadia Walker, nwalker@ideo.com

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