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David Ewing Duncan

David Ewing Duncan is an award-winning, best-selling author of nine books published in 21 languages. David is CEO and Curator of Arc Fusion, and a Health Strategist-in-Residence for IDEO. He is a columnist for the Daily Beast and the chief correspondent for NPR Talk’s Biotech Nation.

Andrea Cross

Andrea Cross is Executive Producer of Content for Arc Fusion. She has served in a variety of production, editorial and management roles in science documentary television over the past 18 years. She worked for over ten years at the acclaimed PBS science documentary series NOVA on over 25 hours of television.

Brian Leiter is a graphic design consultant based out of Rhode Island. He enjoys utilizing his creativity to help promote small businesses, educational and non-profit organizations. Currently, he assists Arc Fusion in maintaining content on their main website and magazine section, as well as their various design needs. Examples of his work can been seen on his online portfolio.

Stephen Petranek

Stephen Petranek is the editor of Breakthrough Technology Alert, for which he finds the investment opportunities that create true value and move the human race forward. Stephen Petranek’s career of more than forty years in the publishing world is marked by numerous prizes and awards for excellent writing on science, nature, technology, politics, economics, and more.

Jamie Heywood is the co-founder and chairman of Patients-like-me. An MIT-trained mechanical engineer, Jamie entered the field of translational medicine when his 29 year old brother Stephen was diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. Described by CNNMoney as one of the 15 companies that will change the world, Jamie co-founded PatientsLikeMe to ensure patient outcomes become the primary driver of the medical care and discovery process.

Tamsin Smith is a San Francisco poet, essayist, cultural entrepreneur, and social impact innovator. She uses the power of words and ideas to create movements like (RED), which empowered regular people to help generate over $350 million to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Her poetry has appeared in the verse collection Everything Indicates (Heyday Press) and Lightening Strikes (Dolby Chadwick Gallery).

Michael Hebb was a key creative force in developing the Arc Fusion Dinner concept, and in developing the Jeffersonian Dinner and Underground Dinner formats that power Arc Fusions evening soirees. Michael is the founder of, ONE POT, and National Dinner Party Day; in a previous life he helped spark the underground restaurant movement and opened several critically acclaimed culinary establishments in the Pacific Northwest.