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An Arc for the Frozen Sea

An Arc for the Frozen Sea
by Tamsin Smith, Arc Fusion Poet Laureate

When the only forbidden answer
To a genie offering three wishes
Is made moot by biomedicine and machine
We won’t need the one wily grant
    — for endless more —
To implant
Leisure without limit
Elixirs to erase old traces
Disease, sorrow, loss effaced
From collective memory
A settling selflessness left
When we delete request
Bad files on war and such
We could even wish only to see in 10-D
All expansive possibility and pattern recognition
Soul mates without dictum of face, form, or race
This may be our fate
— At present
We mortals are neither within nor without
A gate is dissolving
At the threshold writhes a dusty carapace
Avatar of Kafka’s dying wish
That all he ever wrote be burned unread
Oblation to the angels of his imagination
He felt he failed by base execution
For us, for now
Greatness still lies
In unappeasability
What abides
Is the wish
And this
We tried
We altered
We chose