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The Arc Fusion Way

The Arc Fusion Way

The Arc Fusion Way

Arc: a simple and forceful trajectory into the future

Arc Fusion is an independent information and problem-solving organization on a quest to help shape and lead one of the great megatrends of our era – the convergence, or “fusion,” of biomedicine with information technologies and big data. Equally critical is the rise of the health and wellness movement, a consumer-initiated groundswell that has seen millions of people insisting on participating in their own health.

Fusion is transforming our world.
How will you respond?

What People Say

Jamie Heywood

Arc is setting out to disrupt the hell out of the things I care most about.

Jamie Heywood
George Church

Fusion is a big part of the future.

George Church, PhD
Juan Enriquez

What Arc is articulating is critical, it’s a key part of the future – that’s why I’m here.

Juan Enriquez
Excel Venture Management, Author
Vinod Khosla

We need this.

Vinod Khosla
Khosla Ventures
Stephen P. Spielberg, MD, PhD

We need to understand that we‘re standing on the threshold of a whole new understanding of human biology, health, and disease—and we need to grasp the opportunity.

Stephen P. Spielberg, MD, PhD
Former Dean, Dartmouth Medical School

Arc Fusion: Four-Step Process

As society hammers out a new world of fusion, Arc Fusion has created a process for fusion leaders to engage in serious dialogue and action-oriented projects. In addition, Arc Fusion and IDEO have partnered to both reimagine how we both discuss challenges and forge solutions.

We look forward to scoping this work together, as a provocative Arc Fusion convening or as an Arc + IDEO project where we bring together a cross-disciplinary team to translate the discussion into design and development of solutions.



We see defining the question as a collaborative process. We look forward to working together to decide on the question we want to ask and the theme we want to address.

Juan Enriquez and Eric Schadt discuss “Should we build a better human?”
May 2014 in San Francisco


Arc Fusion gathers experts and fusion leaders who can make a difference to discuss critical themes and challenges, and to imagine solutions. We then hold an Arc Fusion convening devoted to a specific fusion theme or pressing business, ethical, or societal question. These provocative gatherings – usually an evening program and dinner - convene key leaders in health, IT, biomedicine, and other fields vital to our conversation. We provide cutting-edge talks by experts, plus music, dance and theater to get everyone prepared for a deep-dive conversation.

Jeffersonian Dinners
Inspired by President Thomas Jefferson - who liked to solve problems over a meal with smart people - attendees are divided into small tables where Table Talk Leaders guide conversations. We capture thoughts and ideas generated by leaders at each table.

Table Talk Leader Jordan Shlain, physician and entrepreneur, leads a discussion in
San Francisco on the future of humans and technology.


We synthesize conversations and ideas, gather feedback, and communicate key findings. The output of each major dinner is gathered and produced into an issue of the Arc Fusion Magazine, which contains a rich offering of articles, videos, podcasts, reports, and polls.

For an Arc + IDEO project, IDEO will use human-centered design and it’s distinctive creative process to to synthesize the discussion into a framework of opportunity areas for innovation and exploration.

Each issue of the Arc Fusion Magazine will start with a theme and a live event. Arc Fusion will capture the conversations and ideas generated, including articles, transcripts, videos, audio offerings, and more.


Arc Fusion and IDEO partner to create a framework for action with insights and recommendations for tangible solutions – policy initiatives, systems, products, services, and new business models.

IDEO welcomes the opportunity to further partner with your organization to design and develop these solutions.

IDEO’s Rodrigo Martinez leads an Arc workshop in Boston with Harvard geneticist George Church and others about how to translate data into wisdom.

Our Community

Arc Fusion is supported by and seeks out the world’s top scientists, thinkers, executives, physicians, investors, entrepreneurs, advocates, policy makers, philosophers, writers, artists and other leaders who understand the need for personal involvement in the rising fusion phenomenon.