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Arc Launch Parties, NY 2014

Arc Launch Parties, NY 2014

Arc Fusion Launch Party
New York
September 18, 2014

Fusion 101

How to Smash Silos, and truly integrate Health, IT, and Biomedicine

A group discussion led by David Ewing Duncan and Stephen Petranek
Remarks by Seema Kumar

Fusion 101

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Arc Fusion hosted 100 people at the Bubble Lounge in New York to celebrate the launch of Arc Fusion. We had an informal discussion about Arc Fusion and the idea of fusing health, IT and biomedicine.

What people said

"The 21st century will be the century of fusion – when we reassemble the world that we’ve been taking apart and breaking up into tiny pieces for the past several hundred years."

David Ewing Duncan

"This idea of fusion pertains first to IT and health and medicine, but it touches every field, everything humans do, from politics to sex."

Stephen Petranek

“I’m very excited about Arc.”

Sunny Bates

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