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Rana June

Rana June is an accomplished technologist, artist, musician, author and speaker. Throughout her career, she has been at the forefront of tech trends—mobile apps, tablet computers, wearables, biofeedback sensors, augmented reality and more—predicting, shaping, and inspiring the way we interact with technology.

The primary focus of June’s work is the physiology of human emotion. In creating algorithms that translate biodata into visual and aural experiences, she uses the unseen functions of the mind and body to take interactivity to an entirely new level.

Over the past 10 years, her groundbreaking work has generated a broad spectrum of innovative and ambitious output, from large-scale data analytics programs to site-specific multimedia installations, transforming billions of emotion data points into immersive works of art.

June’s fascination with visual interpretations of biodata began in adolescence, when her father, a physician, taught her to use an electrocardiogram machine. In 2012, after years of experimenting with the ways technology can be used to explore human emotion, she founded Lightwave.

As a musical artist, Rana June pioneered the field of mobile music-making. June has performed hundreds of sets at venues including Apple, the TED Conference the White House Correspondents Dinner.